Nora Wagner

Défense de jouer

Exhibition and performance in collaboration with the french artist Bertrand Dufau


“The artist duo chose a particular approach of taking interest in the iron metropolis.

“We did not make a work ‘about’ the city, but a work ‘in’ the city” specifies Bertrand Dufau. “We are neither journalists nor ethnologists nor documentalists. Our approach is primarily artistic with our sensitivity, our poetry and without predetermined angle of view. “

“We do not present raw images of reality, our job is to add or remove layers of what we see. Our universe must be porous if we want to penetrate into the world of others, “explains Nora Wagner.

(Thierry Hick)












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During the whole residency we wrote down parts of conversations we overheard in our everyday life in the city. Later on, we reenacted them, using the exhibition space and the installations as settings, stages.




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We asked people we met during our residency to tell stories about their lives and in the same time, stories about the city. We invited them to the exhibition space and recorded them telling their stories in front of our paintings.

The paintings were for their part, details from house entrances we photographed through town and afterwards enlarged and painted on old curtains and other household fabrics.