Nora Wagner

Appropriation Bingo

In 2019, I was granted with the Edward Steichen Award. After the ceremony, I was asked to present my work in a power point presentation to the audience.

As my work mainly consists of working with, through and for other people, questioning hyper-individuality and egomania in the art world and beyond, it didn’t make sense for me to make a solo show out of this event.

I asked my fellow artists Frederick Ehlers and Martina Wegener, with whom we used to play power point bingo, a game where you have to improvise to a random power point presentation, to help me out.

They prepared a presentation for me with a series of new works I potentially could have made, but which didn’t really exist. The works were loosely based on my real work, but were mainly artistic appropriations and distorted visions.

I discovered the works at the same time as the public and had to improvise to try and make up plausible concepts and explain a work that looked like mine, but was not.

Click to see the whole performance