Nora Wagner

Towers and Foundations

As many of my works, this is a project in several chapters,
as each stage leads to the next one.
The project was initiated by a significant dream I had.
The dream was so full of symbols and metaphors that
I felt the urge to explore its different layers through various approaches.

My research then led me to a place in the woods
(an ancient celtic cult place), which led me to a book
(l’homme qui rit, by Victor Hugo).

In the meantime, by other circumstances, I was invited to make a
performance next to a church, where I met a priest, who could
give me some answers to my dream, and suddenly, it was clear
why I had to read the book and have a walk from the place in the
woods to the church, both connected by a path I then discovered.

The rest of the story unfolds throughout the four chapters:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4