Nora Wagner


To guide the public through an imaginary exhibition, I asked several artists, writers and philosophers to record an audioguide, describing and interpreting the co-relations between pictures of different elements that would later on appear in the exhibition space.

Audioguide by Justine Blau (french)

Audioguide by Godefroy Gordet (french)

Audioguide by Marie-Anne Lorgé (french)

Audioguide by Cédric Kayser (french)

Audioguide by Helen Weber (german)

Audioguide by Aurélie d’Incau (luxemburgish & portuguese)

Audioguide by Pit Wagner & Anneke Walch (luxemburgish)

Audioguide by Nora Schleich (luxemburgish)

The three collages each author got to write their audioguide: