Nora Wagner

Jamais Peut-Être (Never Maybe)

I initiated the project “jamais peut-être”, to experiment and experience new ways of collaborating, questioning individuality and create an evolving exhibition where process and dialogue outweigh finality and discourse.

To do so, I invited three artists: Carole Louis, Trixi Weis, Aurélie d’Incau, to play a game with me.

During four weeks, one after another, we would take over the exhibition space, as well as the works the previous artists left in it to transform, erase or complete them. Every Sunday the artist had to hand over the keys a well as all the rights to the next one.

Nothing could be foreseen nor planned, as everything depended on what preceded and on what succeeded an intervention.

If you want to read more about the thoughts that preceded the project (in french):


The project was started just before the confinement, so only the first artist was able to buy material, and Carole Louis, who lives in Belgium was not able to attend physically. We had to find solutions and the external influences shaped the outcome as much as our internal interactions.

Due to the circumstances, we worked a lot with video, and materials that were at hand, as well as live-streaming performances to communicate with each other and the public.

A lot was done, and it is hard to document everything, so I will only put a selection of works on this page. If you would like to order our interactive publication which contains every trace and more, please contact me per e-mail.

Click here to see the whole portal performance

 Click here to see the whole video clip

Click here to see the whole opening and all the video works


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