Nora Wagner


My orchestras are video and sound collages, projected from different sources, arranged to form a tableau that creates logical scenes and then disperses into distinct images, communicating for a moment then incomprehensible again.

Each orchestra has its own logic and theme around which it unfolds.

The videos are organised to form a whole, always in slight shift, never quite palpable, developing their own reality.

The compositions are reformed and recomposed infinitely.

Fast sequences are interspersed with slow images from time to time to alternate the rhythm between supersaturation and quiet moments.

The sound is a composition on its own, some sequences are silent, some are the background noise from the videos and others are overlaid with composed melodies.

Thus the composition is renewed constantly and without repetition as the videos are. It is, as the videos, a mixture of chance and control.

One moment the sound exceeds our capacity of assimilation and then, suddenly, it seems to unite to form a tangible melody, to then dissolve into the pure sound of the blowing wind.