Nora Wagner


For this exhibition, I decided to further develop the concept I had started to experiment with during “Methamorph”, a few years ago.

The concept is to propose an exhibition which develops over time, me being on site for the whole duration of the project, building an transforming the space partly according to a script and partly depending on the input of the public and the other artists I invited over the 5 weeks of the exhibition.

For the opening, the space was submerged in fog with only very few elements being on display. The public was invited to follow an audioguide, describing a speculative exhibition, walking through what I called the skeleton of an exhibition :

click -> AUDIOGUIDES (speculative descriptions of a non existing exhibition)

After the first week of “empty space”, the public was allowed to put on masks which appeared in the entrance, as well as putting on the capes, that started hanging inside the exhibition space. That way they could transform into moving sculptures.

During the weekends, one of the spaces was occupied by the psychologist Simone Bauer, who offered to take the visitors on an introspective trip, allowing them to re-live the exhibition and its symbolism through their own imagination and contribute to the “tree of stories”, by weaving their feelings (with various materials on display) into a branch, which was later on attached to this very tree.

During the whole process, french play writer Godefroy Gordet followed the evolution of the work, writing one text a week, which would be on display in the exhibition in order for the public to understand what happened in the meantime.



As it is very difficult to document every bit of what is happening over such an intense period of time, I decided to choose a few impressions, knowing that I can’t possibly translate the feeling of the many intimate and magical encounters I was lucky to have.

Performance by Bertrand Dufau, meditation in the exhibition space for 4 hours.


Theatre piece “Le Désoeuvré” by the french company “Le Barbanchu”.
With Denis Jarosinski, and Cyril Chagot, directed by Godefroy Gordet.

During the last days of the exhibition, I invited the public to help me deconstruct and reorganise the exhibition, but without talking to each other. Which led to a whole new interpretation of the materials and the space.