Nora Wagner


Installation / Performance / Video / Sound

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I was working in the exhibition space of  “Cercle Cité” in Luxemburg for one month during the opening hours of the art centre.

The public would discover each day a more or less different exhibition than the day before, as the space was constantly changing, depending on which action had taken place the day before.

The installations were materialisations of three different people’s imaginations in which I recorded short video sequences with the latter, reenacting a version of themselves in their own inner landscape.

In addition to my own interventions, I invited different artists (Marianne Villière and the Planet Dance Ensemble) to interact with the exhibition and reinterpret or change the existing settings.





Evolution tree house



Video stills tree house



Evolution moon-boat




Evolution magic closet




Video stills magic closet




Final state



Field Reports

Anouk Wies (Coordinatrice générale et responsable programmation)

Fanélie Meeûs (Chargée de projets culturels)

Nadina Faljic (Médiatrice)

Carole Jung (Médiatrice)



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